ProfessionalitàIn the current economic situation it is becoming ever more difficult and expensive to obtain finance from banks. For this reason self-financing has a strategic importance for all companies. However, companies do not always set up the necessary tools and procedures to manage their receivables in the most efficient way in order to optimise the cash-flow.

We will carry out an analysis of your company’s sales-to-cash cycle , by identifying those areas which do not allow you to transform your sales into effective income . Our attention will focus on your existing procedures by looking at the way your different operational areas, from the commercial to the accounts department, operate within sales to cash cycle.

Once we get a clear picture of your current situation, we will implement the right solutions in order to align your performance with the best practice. We will benchmark your Working Capital with a group of selected competitors and analyse your performance such as DSO, DPO and DIO. This benchmark will permit us to understand what your position will be in relation to a peers group, as well as evaluate margins for achievable improvements.

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