Debt Recovery



Debt recovery may often be a long and expensive activity which can remove resources from your core business. A timely assistance of a professional partner can reduce these costs and often help a quicker resolution of all disputes, increasing consequently the chance to collect your debts.

In the first instance we will always try to manage disputes and collect debts using a friendly approach in order to save your business relationship with your clients. We will evaluate each single case so to identify the best approach and obtain a quick and satisfactory solution, avoiding, when possible, the escalation of recovery activity to the legal phase. If no results have been achieved using a friendly approach and after an analysis of the specific case and the information obtained with our activity, we will request your authorisation to pass the case to our solicitors who will raise legal proceeding. Thanks to our solution One-stop-shop we will continue to deal with your case on your behalf even when it has been passed to the solicitors for litigation. Please note that all activity carried out by us and the solicitors including all the related costs and fees must be always authorised by the client.

  • Assistance with the legal and pre-legal debt recovery in Italy and overseas
  • Dispute management and periodical reports advising on the status of each account
  • Debtors' payments transferred directly into your bank account
  • Certain and clear fees authorised by the client
  • Competitive commissions scheme



Companies which trade overseas know how difficult it can be sometimes to do business without knowing the language and the culture of that country, even more difficult is managing and resolving any dispute raised by a debtor who does not speak your language.

Thanks to many years of international experience in the credit management industry, our multilingual team will operate on your behalf dealing with all disputes so to resolve them as soon as possible and obtain payments. If the debt can not be collected using a friendly approach, we will request the assistance of our partners in the country where the debtor is based, and escalate the case to legal proceedings.


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